Pinal Energy LLC, a privately held company, is proud to be the first ethanol production facility to be built in Arizona. The facility began production in July 2007. The plant plays an important role in improving Arizona's air quality, provides 45 jobs for the Maricopa area and, most importantly, makes a local source of ethanol available. Pinal Energy's annual ethanol production rate is 50 million gallons from roughly 18 million bushels of grain acquired from both local producers as well as from the Midwest. The fuel-grade ethanol is used in blending with gasoline components to produce E10, a 10% ethanol blend. The ethanol produced at the plant is also used for the blending of E85, a clean-burning blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline for use in flex fuel vehicles. Production of ethanol results in two other commercially viable by-products: distiller's grain and CO2. Distiller's grain is a feed utilized by dairies and feedlots. The CO2 produced is captured and recycled for use in the Arizona soft drink, dry ice, and hydroponics industries.